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Ad No. 608
Purple Cabomba (LIVE)
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Ad Number: 608
City: Easton
State: MD
Zip Code: 21601
Country: United States
Phone: (410) 770-5350
Price: $ 3 USD
Ad began: Sep 25-21:17

Shipping Information

Purple Cabomba (LIVE) Purple cabomba is composed of fine, delicate strands of fan shaped, purple and dark green leaves. These plants add interest and beauty to planted tanks, but require intense light and high nutrient levels to remain lush and colored. This plant slowly grows to an average height of 11-31 inches. TEMPERATURE RANGE 75 - 82 LIGHTING 9 SCIENTIFIC NAME Cabomba furcata WATER HARDNESS Hard PLANT PH Netural RESTRICTED No COMMON NAME Purple Cabomba ORIGIN Southern USA SUBSTRATE fine to medium

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