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If you have questions about the Guppies.com Classifieds please first check the Classifieds Questions & Answers page. If you cannot find an answer to the specific question you have please email the Classifieds Director, Richard Konik, at richard@guppies.com

Please give us a few days to research your question and respond but be assured you will be answered. If you wish, you may also send your question to Gardner McBride at gsmcb@toad.net and he will also try to answer you as quickly as possible but Richard is the best person to start with.

From time to time others in the Guppies.com Support may answer your questions as well. Keith, Josh and Christian Burnaccioni are three people you may hear from if your question affects their areas which are Sales Fulfillment, the Guppies.com Forum and Guppies.com Systems Support. You may also hear from others and if you have any question if they are part of the Support Group please send an email to Gardner.

We are trying our best to make it the best market place on-line for the guppy fish keeper. If you have suggestions to further improve it please send them to Richard with a copy to Gardner

Thanks and enjoy the Guppies.com Classifieds site.