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How to tell if my guppy dropped her fry or not? [Archive] -


View Full Version : How to tell if my guppy dropped her fry or not?

April 8th-2008, 05:11 AM
Okay, I know there's a bunch of threads with instructions on how to tell if your guppy is pregnant, and if she's in labor, etc.

But I need help telling if she's not pregnant anymore? (weird, I know, lol!)

My largest female, who looked pregnant a few days ago, doesn't anymore. But I have trouble telling - I've had a two females in the last week drop fry, when they didn't even look that pregnant at all! At least not like anything of all the photos on here.

So two weeks ago, I got two trios of blue moscow guppies - one gave birth just three days after I got them! I couldn't tell for sure which one, so I picked the "skinniest" guppy and dubbed her the mother of those fry. So I left her in the female tank by herself, and separated the other three into those gallon-sized jars - one in each.

I'm having a hard time telling when they're getting close to dropping, because they're new guppies, and I have no CLUE as to when conception occurred. So the big one that I think maybe gave birth still looks kind of fat, but her gravid spot looks a lot lighter. I don't see any fry, could she have dropped sometime today and eaten all of them before I got home from work? Or could her gravid spot fading be a syptom of something else?

And on another side note, my husband "surprised" me with 7 MORE guppies last week for my birthday! :eek: (A sunrise, a red delta, and an HB yellow - I haven't yet figured out what the females are, they look like mutts :) They're pretty, though!) It was really sweet, but I didn't have a place for them yet, and didn't want to mix them with my precious blue moscows until I'm sure they're disease-free. And then go figure, I got those last thursday (4 females, 3 males) and one of the females (who again, I didn't think was all that fat) dropped a batch of fry today!! (the lady at the pet store assured my husband the females had been kept separate from the males - yeah, right, that's REAL evident! :rolleyes: )

So could someone point me in the direction of what female guppies look like after they drop their fry? I'm having a hard time telling, and apparently, I have yet to acquire a female guppy that isn't already slightly pregnant at least, lol.

Thanks! I'm so confused, lol - baby guppies are very new to me. :o

Neptune 2
April 8th-2008, 07:25 AM
It is hard to tell if the fish is new. I can only tell for sure on fish that I have had for some time and have dropped once before. They do get fat then get skinny when they drop. Is it that simple? No, some females will hold fry for sometimes weeks before dropping all of them. To be honest if there is a males in the tank then the female is almost to be pregnant for sure even if she dropped a few days ago.

April 8th-2008, 08:43 AM
Wow... yeah, I figure I'd better keep the quarantined until I'm sure they won't drop anymore fry, lol.

So, like six months, and then I'll try breeding them so I can monitor it better. :)

With all of them dropping, it's like complete and utter chaos! :eek: But it's fun nonetheless.

Thanks for your help! (You're always so helpful on this board. ;))

April 8th-2008, 12:09 PM
Some times it is truly hard to see which female dropped fry, when you have more than one female in a tank. I have tanks full of females but I aslo keep a few of my favorite males with them. When I see new fry I just watch the males! The female that they are all chasing is the one that just dropped! Those males can't resist being the first to mate with a female after she has dropped!

Neptune 2
April 8th-2008, 04:35 PM
Charlene makes an excellent point and one I failed to mention.:o The males will chase a female that just dropped with much more vigor.

April 8th-2008, 05:16 PM
I have the same problem. My breeding females are a bunch of big fat momma guppies that mostly stay pregnant all the time and while I can sometimes tell if one is right on the verge of dropping by how she will get that "squared off" look, most of the time I just look into the tank to see a bunch of fry swimming around with no idea which female had them. Sometimes one will look slightly skinnier than before, but most of them look just as fat right after giving birth as just before! I generally have to do as Charlene says, watch which female guppy the males are chasing around the tank. The one that they are trying the hardest to poke in the gravid spot with their nose is the one that dropped the fry.

April 8th-2008, 07:28 PM
Thanks - that's actually very helpful! The one tank I have with the new males I got had two females, I knew which one had the fry because the other one was REALLY skinny and hadn't looked at all pregnant. And I did notice they were chasing the one that had babies a lot more.

That's really great info - I appreciate it! :) (And I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble telling which female just had fry by the look of her, lol!)

Thanks guys! :D

fan of fantails
April 10th-2008, 09:53 PM
one f myfmales was huge thn skinny2 dys latr-I even checked my flter carridge but it was clean its hard 2 tell