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  1. My albino guppy

  2. Albino

  3. FreshAquaria

    Website: FreshAquaria
    Discussion Board: FreshAquaria Discussion
    Description: FreshAquaria is the leading generation freshwater community and knowledgebase. We are a community that is highly involved with all aspects of freshwater keeping (no saltwater or brackish fish/setups) that is activity in communication with various breeders around the world (it's how we are able to provide current to new information to everyone ...
  4. Cold water guppies

    Been a long time since ive been on here but wanted to get some good information out there on cold weather guppies.
    After 5 years of selective breeding and many armeggedons i have several breeds of guppies that do fantastic in temps down to the low 50s.
    Thou after the last few days ive meet a temp in which guppies can not survive.
    After moving and having some heating problems as well as not having any good heaters. My guppies are starting to fail in tanks low to the ground with ...

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  5. Japán blue (III)