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Thread: walmart guppy

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    walmart guppy

    Was at walmart today getting aquarium sealant and happen to glance into the guppy tank and spay a very nice looking pure black female guppy. no other color was on her but pitch black. she was so pretty, if i didnt already have to many guppyies i would of grabbed her. almost thinking about going back and getting her! so bad!

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    Wow,a pure black female is very rare,that is from lips to the tail,or do you mean like a 3/4 black female.Yes they are great looking.I would have bought her in a heart beat.
    Did you do your water change today
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    "When you say you have to many guppies"! Would you ever be willing to sell your culls off?

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    i havnt started culling yet, but when it comes to the point of that i will deff have to sell! or give away!
    she was 3/4 black, but so pretty still!

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    went and got her and another htat looks just like her plus 2 very nice looking sky blue colored females. im so bad >.< i had to buy another tank and divide my 55 so i have more room!!!

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    Hillbilly, if you are close to me and need Guppies, I'm always giving away culls. PM if you are interested.

    Crazydustirose, I can't resist buying Guppies when I see one that I like, even if it is at Walmart!
    And, if there is an aquarium in a store, I have go there, I can't resist.
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    yeah, well, right now i have a 6.6gl with 1 male and 9 females, a 6.6gl with 2 males and 5 females 2 5gls i need heaters for and a 29gl full of babies and a 55gl i just divided and am awaiting for babys to get older to be divided inot male/female

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    My rule of thumb: Whenever I see an exceptional guppy... as long as its healthy I will buy. If it means another tank...or jar, or 1g bottle, so be it LOL!

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    haha, that is a good rule of thumb

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