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Thread: What Size Filter Is Best For a 10 Gallon Tank?

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    If your fish can swim and have places to rest the filter is fine.

    If they are blowing around sideways and getting stuck to the intake its probably too much!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by drillsar View Post
    I consider myself a fish expert, I would recommend the Aquaclear Filters, For one they use BIOMAX which is beneficial (Never change it)
    Hmm... I like the Aquaclears also, but because they're inexpensive and can have two sponge filters tossed in and still flow pretty well. I toss out the BioMax that comes with them.


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    i have a whisper 20 power filter and it realy works nicley....

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    I'm choosing a filter for my 10 gallon fish tank; however, i don't know if a sponge filter can keep the tank clean or not
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