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Thread: my guppy's tail fin is gone

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    Exclamation my guppy's tail fin is gone

    i don't know what is wrong with my guppy.
    i have 4 male guppies and one of them, his tail fin is gone.
    only like strings are left and he has changed colors.
    i got him 3 days ago.
    all the other ones are fine but him.
    anyone have any idea as to why that happened???

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    What are your water specs? How often do you change your water? What else is in the tank with them? How big is the tank? How is he acting?

    The changing color is because of stress. You may have fin nippers or it may be fin rot. Hard to tell without more info. Best thing until you can find out what's going on, is to separate him.

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    thats usually what happens when you get new fish, they come really stressed and get diseases it most likely has fin rot but i think it is too late to do anything since you said the whole tail is gone

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    you need to check for ammonia, nitrite etc-thats always the first thing to do when a fish is sick.With new fish it's often stress but it's a good idea to check the water anyway and prevent more losses.

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