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Thread: Will Petco or Petsmart take unwanted fish?

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    Question Will Petco or Petsmart take unwanted fish?

    A lot of people on here talk about their local pet stores taking their unwanted guppy fry and adults from them.Some say they take them for free and others will give you a little bit of money for them.My question is,does anyone know if Petco or Petsmart will take or buy your fish from you?I have several guppies and would love to get a little money from the fish that I don't want.Thanks!


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    No the large chain stores will not take them. You need to go to a independent owner or family owned place.
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    no.......when people bring fish in to get rid off and your in the right place at the right time you get them for free. or they just leave them in a bag till someone wants it, or it dies terrible but true i have some friends that work there but he is a JR zoo keeper so he knows his stuff.
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    All those large pt shops will only buy fish that will grow large or are large from you
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    Petco here will take the fish free,Petsmart will not.
    Petco then gives them away.
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    no at mine they dont even take them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isprol11 View Post
    no at mine they dont even take them.
    Find a smaller shop in your area.
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    the chain stores in my area will always take donations but if its a little money your lookin for then find a small pet or fish shop. some times they will give you 25 or 50 cents a peice for them.

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    Find an independent in your area. My 2 favourites will give me store credit for gups.

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