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Thread: panda guppy

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    panda guppy

    hi everyone can anyone give me any info about the genetics of my guppies and what would happen if i mated a male to a female of a different strain.
    thank you for any info

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    Pretty little black you have there! From what I have seen from a HB female I had, even though she mated with a yellow cobra skin, a turquoise, AND a copper-ish/purple-ish, 99% of her babies were HB. The black, or grey as I guess it is called, is a very dominate gene. I would imagine that the male is the same way.
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    Never seen a Gup like that before! Very interesting...

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    I am working with Panda crosses. I have crossed a Panda male with an IFGA Blue Delta.

    This article will get you started.

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    I mated a female half black with a multi colored cobra tail to a grey snakeskin male. the resulting fry were half black with yellow leopard spotting. i hope the snakeskin pattern will develope but the fry are still young. post pics of your cross if you can

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    WOW! What a lovely example of a Panda, I have never seen such nice black ones...
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    Look at this Panda

    Tiger Panda,
    I'm working on multiple cross of Panda
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    They are all neat pics! Pyne
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