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Thread: RAOK(Random Act Of Kindness)Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimfishepet View Post
    I have a handful of duckweed, a healthy sprig of parrots feather and a few stems of water clover if anyone is interested.
    I'm interested in the PF Are you stateside?
    Contact direct @ Cheers! =)

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    I have been so sick the last few weeks. Not sure what I got ahold of but it is kicking my behind.
    I will ship the moss as soon as I am fever free, Sorry for the delay.
    Contact direct @ Cheers! =)

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    Yay! I'm feeling better, still not 100% but enough that I can drive across town to the post office and send that moss.
    Hope y'all enjoy it.
    Contact direct @ Cheers! =)

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    Have an iron stand for a 36g bowfront. Anyone interested?

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    ~edited to keep up to date~
    Still offering a couple samples of decap bse.
    Shipping is free.

    Great fry food for new breeders.
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    Just starting out. Tank is cycled and empty of fish, ready to start. Does anyone have any guppies that they would be willing to part with to help start me off? The only fish store around me doesn't have very healthy looking fish, lots of dead and sick ones in their tank. My little boy loves to look at the fish. I appreciate anything anyone is willing to part with. Thank you in advance. - Marc
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