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    Question fry breeding box

    my guppies just had babies everywhere so i got a breeding box that floats in the tank and put about 10 fry in it.
    How long should I keep them in it? till they get big enough not to get eaten? how long is that? thanks

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    Well in my case it's fairly simple: until they get big enough not to get eaten.
    It depends of the conditions and of course, of its genetics. So probably between 3 weeks to 1 month and a half.

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    If you only have guppies then a month would be fine, but I have never kept fry in a breeder for more than a week or two max. It doesn't do much for their development.

    I know not everyone has room for loads of tanks, but i have to keep mine seperate as my barbs and rainbow fish treat fry like brine shrimp!!

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    I usually separate my girls when I know they're about to drop into a 1 gallon milk jug or my 2 gallon tank with a handful of floating plants; this lets them drop relatively stress-free, and gives a place for the babies to hide at the same time. It works really well, and I haven't lost anyone that way.

    I do have some babies floating around right now in my big planted tank, but not much you can do about that. Those ones are okay though; they're my mutts that I usually just hand out for the cost of shipping. I usually stick a breeder box (Lee's 5 way breeder) in there, and the babies swim in and out as they please (I don't add in any of the addons for that thing, I've had fish get stuck between the plates - most I do is put the lid on it to keep Mom from swimming in there and getting stuck). Also kind of gives them and my smaller fish a "sanctuary" away from the bigger fish.
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    10 fry in a breeding box is good for about a month because by then you will have more fry to save! The bigger ones can go in with the adults, so the newborns can be in the box until the next batch of fry.

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    The rule Of thumb I have heard that makes sence is IF it's bigger then an adult fishes mouth it's ok in the same tank ( assuming we are talking only gups here )
    If it fits into an adults mouth it could become a guppysnak.
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