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Thread: Updated Fishroom AGAIN

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    Updated Fishroom AGAIN

    I think I might be done for awhile, here is my completed fish room (maybe) hah

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    looking good.

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    OMG! Can I come live with you? I can only dream of a set up like that!

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    what a very nice fish room,lot of tanks,enjoy
    Did you do your water change today
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    It looks great I wish it was in my house but I'd need to put in a basement first lol
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    I think I would want a rocking chair placed where the straight back chair is in the last picture. I sure would be great to have a fishroom like this one. Looks so easy to work in. Cherrytrin, you have done well. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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    Great pics! I especially like the watchdog. He looks like he'll tear your arm off and feed it to the guppies if you get too close.
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    what do you do about humidity? angelsplus has a little hydrometer-right word? that tests humidity.

    how many tanks too?

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    how do u have the 4ft shop lights setup? anything under them? do u just move them when u need in there?

    i have a light setup like that, with a peice of glass the same size(alittle bigger) then the light under it. it moving it, and my cord is infront of the fish

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    hows the crayfish doing? where do u have them in this setup? i have a 24tank setup similar to yours, and have a crayfish in almost every tank

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