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Thread: I Have A Vision but Will It Work?!

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    I Have A Vision but Will It Work?!

    First of all, I truly hope this is in the right spot and that I can accurately translate what is in my head onto the screen and not appear as a doof, etc. It definitely (I think) falls into a DIY category, and as I tend to be one who tries many different things, before figuring out if they will work for me,and usually eliciting snarky comments from my guy such as, " Toldja it wouldn't work!" (grr) I thought I might prevail upon you guys in the know. (pant pant)

    Okay. I'm wondering if the tubs that I've read on (thank you Charlene, the sticky was soo cool, esp for this noob) that do so well outdoors could be used indoors. Bear with me. I'll try to explain.

    I'm not thinking the gigantic ones (too expensive for my penny budget) but more along the lines of the clear ones, seen at the local Wallie World, Dollar General, etc-that has much more hardened plastic, sharper corners, the ones that hold at most, 20 gal, and often come with a preformed top. But still in that tub shape.

    I wish I were tech savvy enough to insert a pic of what I'm trying to describe, but for time sake, lets say that ya'll have kind of an idea of what I'm hunting and pecking about. Anyway, as they wouldn't hold much, but would be racked and stacked on metal shelving, again, indoors, could they:

    1. Be used as fry grow out tanks or nurseries? Take the place of the 5 and 10 gal and maybe free up those tanks for others?

    2. If so, I know I'd run sponge filters on them but what of heaters? (I'm thinking for the upcoming Ky. winters we have and the thought was perhaps the plastic would afford me some slightly better insulation than that of glass?)

    You see, here's the kicker. I have the space and the hook ups for a very nice fish room. What I lack is the money to get more tanks and equipment, but thought if I traded out the fry nursery and grow out tanks for tubs and then was able to use the tanks for....bah! I am SO supremely sorry! I get carried away and then people run away!

    Please forgive my blabbing, it's a genetic defect. I hope I haven't run you guys away too, I just so want to do what I can see so clearly in my head and sound like a guppy addict (raving looney) when I try to explain it.

    I promise, no drugs or alcohol were consumed before this posting, but does any of this make sense? Is it even feasible or am I just shooting myself in the foot?
    When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.

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    do you mean something like this
    this is not mine but a good friend of mine i dont think he will mind me using his photo

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    Holy crap! YES!!!!!! That's exactly what I had in my head, down to the exact type of tubs I was trying to explain! Oh thank you! I have hope now. It might just work! I absolutely love the set up pictured. better than what I had tried to sketch out. Any ideas on how he runs the filters? Are they just ganged (giggle) (sorry) or does he use a canister type? I was musing on that as well.

    The lighting he did was really neat, is it built into or attached to the top of the shelving? Does he use heaters? I'm afraid even though the plastic is tough, it may have a melt factor.

    I'm not nuts! WooHoo! Thank you so much! Oh boy, do I have questions now! I'm betting you're wondering what you just unleashed. LOL I am really sorry. It's just one of the very few things i can see working for me and it tickles me to no end.
    When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.

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    yep that would be the way to do it, what carl shows there.

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    This is exactly what I had thought of, except for metal shelving, but upon consulting my guy who was un-snarky for a change, we both agree wood would be better. This I can do. I just wish it were right now (sigh) I kid you not, I have a first timer who has just dropped (swear on all that means anything) over 65 fry and she's not done.

    With another couple females due and they aren't first timers and so am looking at at least 10 more on the low side, I'm um....drowning! Last question. Heaters. Is there a melt factor I should be concerned with?

    Thank you guys, you've absolutely made my day! Even one such as myself who tends to hammer her thumb instead of the board, I know I can do this!
    When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.

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    heat the room,not each tank,a whole lot cheaper that way.Check for tubs that are food safe.
    Did you do your water change today
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    It just keeps getting better. I'm so glad I stumbled my way through asking. Thanks to everyone! I'm so anxious to start!
    When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.

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    This is great, I'm actually trying to set something like this up right now. I'm still deciding where I want to go with it but seeing as how I ordered 26 fish this week I think I better get moving. lol The funny thing is I wasn't even trying to push my luck with asking for more tanks and this was the fiances idea. I looked at walmart tonight and could not find any plastic bins with clear lids. I'm thinking about going with shop lights above mine. Great posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MADMIKE View Post
    heat the room,not each tank,a whole lot cheaper that way.Check for tubs that are food safe.

    also, ive done it it works fine. i also have the "big" tubs that are keg tubs lol as an indoor pond(just fyi)

    i used sponge filters to filter, with a big pvc airflow around the room. i heated my whole room.

    i found if u put a lid on them, or stack them you tend to ignore them

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    Would it be impolite to ask for pics of the finished room, when you get done? I'm playing with ideas for arrangement. My guy suggested shelving that had slides on the bottom to better access each tub to clean or do my never ending w/c.
    When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.

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