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Thread: Mineralised Water for guppies

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    Mineralised Water for guppies

    The tap water where I live contains alot of nitrates and ammonia, and I was thinking to use the same water and reminalizer that I use for cherry shrimps which are a medium to hard water shrimps. I have no problems keeping cherry shrimp, but dont know if the water will have enough minerals for guppies. I keep my cherries at 7.5ph gh of 7-8 and kh 3. Is the dennerle shrimp salt gh/kh+ (very similar to salty shrimp gh/kh+) good to reminalize ro water for a guppy tank? Or do i need to add something more?

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    I would say Guppies Luv Slightly Alkaline water as much as Shrimp do...though they will probably eat the baby shrimps.... FGG
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