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    Written by Administrator   
    Monday, 18 September 2006

    Q. How do I know if my guppy is pregnant?


    Female Guppy abdomens have a dark spot, called the gravid spot, at the rear of the female's abdomen. The color is caused by the baby guppies (actually their eyes) showing through their mother's skin. The darker the spot the closer the babies are to birth.


    Q. How long is a Guppy pregnant?


    From 22-26 days but if the conditions are wrong for birth it may take longer.


    Q. Do I have to use a breeding trap?


    The reason to use a breeding trap is to avoid the female eating the babies (fry) when they are first born. But if the trap is not in a separate tank the other fish may eat them anyway. So, what I do is to float plastic plants on the surface where the fry can hide. When they are first born they drop a little and then go to the top to try to find somewhere to hide - the plastic plants provide the place to hide.

    Q. What do I feed the fry?


    Baby brine shrimp are good but for most hobbyists just grinding up the flake food between your fingers to make the particles small enough for the fry to eat is a good way to start.

    Q. I do not have a male guppy but the female is pregnant. How?


    Female guppies can accept up to 5-6 packages of sperm. So, after one batch of fry are delivered more may be on the way from meeting a male months ago.

    Q. How old is guppy when it breeds?


    After a month some are ready to breed so think about separating males and females after the fourth week.


    Last Updated ( Thursday, 18 January 2007 )