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    Guppy Temperature PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Gardner McBride   
    Tuesday, 19 September 2006

    Temperature Range
    Although guppies will live in water from 55 to 105 degrees, just like you, they prefer something a bit more moderate. The effective range for the successful keeping of guppies is from 72 to 86 degrees, with 78 to 82 degrees being the most commonly accepted.

    Average Temperature
    Average temperature? Is there really such a thing. Well, yes and no. If you were to poll a group of guppy breeders you would get a range of answers as to what is the "average" temperature at which they keep their guppies. Although I use many different "set points," I do have a temperature that I use when I am not trying to accomplish something and I am using the water temperature as part of the process. I try to keep all of my tanks at exactly 80 degrees.

    Cooler Temperatures
    I use cooler temperatures to slow the growth and aging process of fish when they are approximately 3 to 4 months of age. Generally I will keep these fish at a temperature of 72 to 74 degrees. This has no ill effect on the fish and greatly reduces their metabolism. I have had guppies live to be two years of age at these temperatures and I think anyone would agree that that's a pretty long life for a guppy.

    Warmer Temperatures
    For the first 30 days I keep my fry tanks at 84 to 86 degrees. This greatly speeds up the metabolism of the young fish and makes it that much sooner that you can sex them and do your first cull. One of the major problems in keeping your tanks this warm is bacteria blooms which will oftentimes cause your water to be cloudy and if you are not diligent in your water changes you will have a greater risk of disease in these tanks. Also, the warmer the water the less oxygen it will contain, so I generally have an air stone putting out bubbles at a high rate of speed. Remember, it is better to have a fine air stone producing many bubbles, as opposed to a coarse air stone with fewer, larger bubbles. This will increase oxygen exchange at the water's surface. Another reason for warmer temperatures is for medicinal purposes. Certain medications suggest raising the temperature a few degrees and lastly, there is one other time that I will greatly increase water temperature. If I have a female that appears to be in distress in attempting to drop her fry, I will slowly raise the temperature to aid her in the delivery process. I have used this technique on many occasions with excellent results.

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 September 2006 )