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    Home arrow Breeding arrow Raising Fry
    Raising Fry PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Gardner McBride   
    Wednesday, 20 September 2006



    Feeding the new fry:


    You can prepare enough food in for the first week of life at home! I have used this method of feeding fry for 10 years and it has always been successful.


    1. Put a tea spoon full of ground fresh lettuce in the breeding tank (5 to 10 litre tank) two days before you put the ’pregnant’ guppy in the tank to promote infusorians and algae in your breeding  tank. This way your new fish will already have some new food ready. But the amount of infusorians and algae will not be enough as they grow!


    Preparing protein and mineral rich food:


    Hard boil an egg and take the yolk ‘the yellow part’ out. Take a carrot and finely chop it. Slow boil the carrot for an hour or until the water turns orangey.


    Take less than one quarter of the yolk and put it in a very small jar. Pour the hot carrot water in the jar and dissolve the yolk into a yellowish muddy solution along with a half pinch of salt* for preservation ‘This will last for three days if kept refrigerated”. *don’t over do it with salt.


    Just before feeding stir it well and let it stand for 4 minutes, than take a pipette and sift from the upper layer(smaller granules upper / larger granules lower) and put just a small drop in the water allowing the new fry to nibble it all.


    In the mean time you can buy some artemia (brine) shrimp. [Note: always buy artemia eggs which are kept in a fridge]. You can buy artemia shrimp culture tanks locally and read the instructions [Light / temperature and air circulation are the three key factors leading into a successful culture]


    Fibre and vitamin rich food:


    Finely blended lettuce and spinach* .You need an amount of lettuce not exceeding the size of the palm of your hand and a spinach leaf not larger than 3 inches square. For best results prepare boiling water and just immerse the lettuce & spinach leaves for a couple of seconds, take them out of the water and put them on a plate rinsing off the excess water. *Do not try to add more vegetables “this is not a soup”, adding any other vegetable ex. ‘Tomato’ will change the water Ph due to acid thus leading your fish to problems!


    Next put the leaves in a blender until they are like a paste and filter the green juice using a thin net into a container. Mix the green juice with ‘Spirulina’ [Bought from your fish supply store] for a thicker mix and dose again with a pipette.


    Always prepare small quantities to ensure freshness and dose cautiously not to contaminate the water with excess uneaten food! Always allow the fry to eat the entire drop and do not overfeed- be patient!  


    So to summarize, your fry have all the key nutrients to grow fast and healthy.

     [FIBER / VITAMINS / ESSENTIAL MINERALS/ PROTIEN & CALCIUM] from infusoria and algae / spinach lettuce & Spirulina powder mix / egg preparation and artemia shrimp. Everything your new fry needs!


    You can continue with your step 2 foods (after 1week of age) with factory made fish food dedicated for fry’s of 1 week and older or just keep feeding artemia shrimps and spinach and Spirulina mix.



    Mr. Stefan Orsini


    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 January 2008 )