Written by Matt Deir   
Saturday, 09 September 2006


Gardner McBride
, Web Master


Welcome to Guppies.com.

If you are considering raising guppies for the first time, or you already enjoy this rewarding hobby, I hope Guppies.com will help you become a better fish keeper. 

Guppies are among the easiest fish to start with for the home aquarist and, with the challenge of developing new breeding lines, among the most interesting fish to breed.

Childhood is a great time to get started. My dad took me to a pet shop when I was eleven years old to buy my first tank set-up and guppies. My friends and I eventually formed an informal “fish club”, talked one of the neighborhood fathers who raised tropical fish into being our advisor and swapped guppies in different colors all the way through high school.

When I went off the Lafayette College in Pennsylvania I missed the hobby so much that in my sophomore year I moved into Delta Tau Delta Fraternity with 7 fish tanks and a full breeding operation!

That was many years ago. Now I have over 100 tanks. Most are not set-up right now because my life is so busy with raising money for new ventures, consulting and traveling that I only have a few tanks of guppies for my own enjoyment. But here is my point: I keep the tanks because I know I will set them up again.

This is a lifetime hobby.

If you are already raising and breeding guppies you know what I mean. I hear from many of you that your interest has come and gone a number of times. But, like me, it never goes away!

I hope Guppies.com will become your favorite location to learn how to have healthy beautiful fish.

And here is an important hint. Our Forum pages are a great place to learn. Before leaving the site please visit the Forums and view the interesting information posted by many hobbyists like you - some of them real experts with a lot of experience. Put your own post on the site and learn even more by having experts respond directly to your question. 

This is a fascinating hobby that can introduce you to friends and teach you (or your children) many, many important life lessons.


Gardner McBride



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